Get more confidence and self esteem with ‘The Happy Woman: Fun Book’

Your past

Your past has made you who you are. Unfortunately, ALL of my clients who’ve suffered a lack of confidence had something happen to them at school.

So, this started them on a journey of comparing themselves to others and not feeling good enough. My self esteem issues started as a teenager, but looking back, I remember feeling ‘not good enough’ from the age of 7.

It’s time to heal your past and let who you really are shine. Own your power.


Most of us have been taught not to cry, or get angry and to change our behaviour to fit in and please others. But, that’s wrong. Therefore, I want you to be able to handle your emotions and know that they’re indicators as to how you’re feeling and what you need. If you can accept how you’re feeling and let go of the guilt, worry, anger, fear, anxiety and stress in a healthy way, you’ll be happier with who you are and your life.

Your future

I believe that everyone has amazing, unique gifts and can achieve whatever they put their mind to. Self confidence, self belief and a positive mindset are just some of the tools needed.

However, at some point in your life, you’ve been told that you’re not good enough, or you’ve learned to compare yourself to others and feel crap about who you are. With this in mind, you’ve told yourself for years you’re ‘too fat’, ‘too ugly’, ‘too stupid’ and ‘can’t’ do what you want to. I used to do the same. I didn’t feel worthy of anything good. Instead, I was miserable.

If you can let go of this negative chatter, see how wonderful you are, handle your emotions and let go of all the baggage you’ve collected over the years then you can be happy. You can know it’s good to be you – no need to change. I’ve put the tools you need to be happy into ‘The Happy Woman: Fun Book.’

‘The Happy Woman: Fun Book’ is designed to help you see how amazing you are, so you can be happy for life. It’s just £13.99!