I was brought up believing that my Grandad was a butterfly.

I know it sounds crazy to some, but he’d died before I was born and shortly after his death, my family saw lots of Royal Admiral butterflies.
When my Auntie died, our garden was filled with Cabbage Whites.

It gave me hope that she was safe and happy on the other side.

Whenever my kids see a white buttefly, they say ‘look mummy, it’s Auntie Ann.’
At my nephew’s Christening, in the middle of November, a Royal Admiral butterfly appeared on the inside of a window in my parents’ house. My family all felt that it was my Grandad’s way of letting us know that he was celebrating with us.
Over the years, both the good times and bad, I’ve realised that animals have brought me messages. 
If you’ve seen, or dreamt about a particular animal more than usual, or if you’ve seen a particular animal acting in a peculiar way, then Google the spiritual meaning of that animal to see if there’s a key meaning/message that will resonate.
I had a difficult time with friends not so long ago and I kept on seeing owls. One day, a barn owl even flew alongside my car for a good five minutes. It was a wonderful and memorable experience.
I researched the meaning of owls and took away the message that I was seeing the darker side of my friends and myself. It helped me cope with what happened afterwards.
So, if times are bad, take note of your surroundings. I really believe in life afer death now and animals are great at bringing us messages from loved ones.
Notice the animals that you see.
Most importantly, know that you are supported through the good times and the bad.

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