This is a powerful question because it can help you feel better about yourself.

I asked my little girl this question, just yesterday and she said: “When you play with me and go on the swings with me.”

I thought I was showing her love by reading her bedtime stories and by kissing and cuddling her. We chatted about this and she replied: “Yes, but I feel more loved when you play with me.”

Luckily, I make time to play with her, but there have been times when she’s asked me to go on the swings with her and I’ve been making the tea, running the bath, or clearing up.

So, from now on, I’ll put those tasks aside and go on the swings.

For me, I feel loved when people say nice things, or do nice things for me to show me that they care for me. It doesn’t always happen when my husband is stressed at work, or my kids have their own issues at school. They’re understandably caught up in their own world and don’t say or do as many nice things as normal.

For me, I realised that I took this to mean that they don’t love me as much as normal. It’s crazy when you write it down. It’s also not fair on them.

I was making it hard for me to feel loved, because of the silly criteria I’d set myself.

I was relying on others to show me love, when I need to show myself love first.

How this can help you

With this in mind, what does it take for you to feel loved? Is the criteria easy for you to feel loved, or are you making it difficult to feel loved?

If you have kids, do you know how they feel loved? What about your partner, or friends?

The answers can really help you.



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