Top of the class help for stressed out teenagers


Bridlington comprehensive is proving it’s top of the class in dealing with students’ mental health.

Teachers at Headlands Secondary School realised that students were suffering from stress, months before the GCSE exams were due to take place.

Students were showing signs of anxiety and stress. Many were having panic attacks and emotional breakdowns.

Headteacher, Sarah Bone knew that her students’ happiness was the top priority. She contacted me to help them deal with their stress, be happier and have more confidence in their own ability.

Over 20 girls volunteered to have sessions with me.

We looked at beliefs, success and failure, developing a positive mindset and dealing with stress, to help them stay calm and focused for their GCSEs.

As part of the fortnightly sessions, the students learned how to meditate and do yoga. These are two key techniques to help them stay calm, focused and positive.

This is what I’ve made of the experience

“Students and teachers are under so much pressure that their wellbeing is suffering. It’s been emotional for everyone who’s taken part. I’ve had many of the girls say to me that they’ve felt like giving up on their GCSEs because the pressure on them to do well has been too much.

“They feel like they’re going to be failures and let their loved ones down, if they don’t do well. They’re all dealing with their own issues and I’m so proud of the girls who’ve taken part. Those who’ve completed the whole course deserve a big pat on the back. They’ve been amazing.

“Mindset and self belief are key to achieving success, but it’s not easy to break self-defeating thoughts and habits. When I teach people that they’re in control of their thoughts and that it’s a major factor in their happiness and success, it can be too much to take in. Yet these girls have taken on my teachings. They’ve made huge leaps forward with their self belief and confidence. They’ve loved the yoga and meditations too – and they know what they need to do to stay calm and focused. Tools which will serve them for life.”

Headteacher, Sarah Bone explained

“We decided to bring Jaelithe in to help the girls be happy. Schools have exam results to achieve, but I didn’t want my students making themselves ill with stress to get those results. I wanted to help them deal with the pressure they felt they were under and to show them what they’re capable of achieving. At the start of the programme I had stressed out, worried students and now they know that they can cope with the exams and achieve whatever they want to. We’ve hopefully raised their aspirations and kept them on track.”

Head, Sarah Bone

Since self belief and confidence are so important I’ve donated a digital copy of my latest book: ‘The Happy Teenager: Fun Book’ to Headlands School, so that other students can learn how to be confident and believe in themselves.

My final comments

“Headlands School is full of dedicated, hard-working staff and students. It’s such a pleasure to work with them and I hope my latest book can help unleash more potential. I truly believe that everyone can do whatever they put their mind to. ‘The Happy Teenager: Fun Book’ is full of key life-coaching exercises that help teenagers have the self belief they deserve. ”​

How I can help you

If you’ve got a stressed out son/daughter facing exams then I’d love to help. You can buy the ‘Get Confident and Calm for Your Exams’ or my meditation package here.

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