Help your daughter have confidence and self esteem


Is your daughter struggling at school? Are they behind in some subjects and worried about their exams? Do they feel like they’re being bullied and have trouble coping with what others say to them? Has their behaviour changed, so they’re reacting more with anger, tantrums, or crying?

Are they sensitive and quick to put themselves down?

Do you feel that they’re not trying at school because they’re too scared to fail?

Are they in need of more confidence and self esteem?

Would you both like to be happier and have a better relationship?

Holding back

Are they a shadow of who you think they can be?

Do they struggle to manage their emotions, then feel bad about any outburst they’ve had?

Do they wish for a better, happier life?

Does their behaviour and lack of confidence stir up past memories for you?

The future

Do you wish that they can be happy being them?

See their worth and realise that they are good enough?

You know that they deserve a great career, happy, loving relationships and bags of confidence.

Your wish is my command!

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