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How to deal with exam stress

It’s that time of year…when exams are looming.

Students, teachers and parents have so much pressure on them to achieve certain results.

I’ve already been contacted by parents asking what they can do to help their child.

The stress and anxiety is getting to them.

Firstly, stay calm yourself.

Know that the best thing to do for your child is to stay focused on their happiness. I know so many successful people who didn’t do well at school. The exam results your child gets are an opportunity for their future. They’re not the end, if things go wrong.

Ensure your child plans their revision, including much-needed breaks. Keep them at their hobbies, so they have a good way to release their worries.

Try to exercise together. A walk, bike ride or swim can release much-needed happy hormones. A break away from studying helps your child process their revision too.

Help your child know their learning style. Finding out if they soak up information visually, auditory or kinaesthetically will ensure that their revision works well.

Feed them well. Sugary drinks and snacks, or those jam packed with additives and sweeteners can provide a short burst of energy, but can do more harm than good. Use weekends to bake healthier snacks that will feed their brain, without adding to their anxiety.

If you’d like an ‘Exam Stress Survival Kit’ you can get one here. I’ve also got a quick and easy ‘Get confident and calm for exams‘ online course. It’s 11 quick videos to watch, with tips to help your child manage their own stress.

Hope this helps.



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