The dreaded school report

How to handle what other people think

Hands up, I was a girly swot at school. I loved it. But, as a mum I can see how you as a teenager get stressed, or how you as a mum dread what’s going to be said.

My kids had their parents’ evening the other day and I reminded them that morning.

Their reactions were hilarious.

Watch this video to find out what they were.

So, what happened?

Well, each of them got glowing school reports, but it really doesn’t matter.

The important thing for you to take away is that what other people think about you is not an indication of how well you’re doing.


Use the dreaded school report as feedback to see where you can improve.

Yes, pat yourself on the back if you’re doing well in a subject. But please don’t use this as a measurement of you as a person.

I really wish schools would teach you how to fail.

I’ve failed so many times in my life and the key to success is picking yourself up from that. Failure is not the end. It’s just an indication that something needs to be tweaked. That’s it.

It’s feedback.

You can only ever do your best in life.

And if you know in your heart you’ve done your best for you, then that’s good enough. 


If you’re a parent reading this, then the message is the same for you.

Don’t use the school reports as an indicator of how well you’re doing as a parent.

If you feel like your child is ‘failing’ at something then don’t see that as a failure on your part. And please don’t see them as a failure. Again, failure is feedback.

My weakness.

I’m rubbish at geography. I really have no sense of direction and haven’t a clue where places are in relation to other places.

My choice.

I have a choice. I can buckle down to improve my geography skills to get better. Or, I can accept my weakness and focus on strengthening the subjects I’m much better at.

I chose forgiveness.

At school I buckled down and got the grades I needed to for geography, but as an adult I’m accepting my weakness. Time after time, I know I always find my way.

I can read maps and I’ve travelled to see loads of beautiful countries.  A good choice for me is to forgive myself for not being able to point to where they are on a map.

None of us are here to be perfect at every single thing.

Yes, you get the people who are good ‘all rounders’. But the beauty of life is that we each have our own unique gifts.

So please use the school report as an indicator to help you find yours. If you need help finding your unique gifts and talents, sign up to my FREE email series here. 



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