Help your child get confident and calm for exams



  • Are they getting anxious at the thought of sitting SATs, GCSEs, A-levels or their degree?
  • Are they overwhelmed?
  • Do they keep on saying that they’re going to fail?
  • Are they putting off their revision, because they’re too scared to get started?
  • Is it all just too much to cope with?​

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Getting to you?

If the anxiety of your child is getting to you then

  • You can see that their stress and worry is making them ill
  • You’re trying your best to help them be calm for their exams, so that they can do their best

I’d love to help.

The future

Do you wish that they can be calm and confident?

Want them to realise that their self worth isn’t tied to their exam results?

Want them to know what they need to do to be organised and in control of their workload and emotions?

Your wish is my command!

Join me on an 11-week online course GET CONFIDENT AND CALM FOR EXAMS. £85.00.