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How your birth plan can teach you about life


  • Write a specific, detailed birth plan to focus on what you want for your labour, but accept that you can’t control how and when your baby will come

  • Go with the flow in your labour, if things don’t go as planned, breathe, stay calm and focus on your outcome of getting your healthy, happy baby in your arms

  • Use these lessons for life. Have a detailed goal with specific milestones and action steps but accept that life will throw things in your way. You can choose to give up and feel sorry for yourself or you can pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and carry on

As you come to the point in your pregnancy when you have to write your birth plan there are so many things that go through your mind.

There is good news. You don’t have to sweat about it as much as you think you do. Yes, think about things like what pain killers you think you’d want and if you want to have the baby cleaned before you hold it, but most of the things in the birth plan won’t be worth worrying about. canstockphoto9911296

I always wanted to have a water birth. Unfortunately, I was under a consultant for all three of my pregnancies because my first baby arrived at 36 weeks plus one and I developed strep B in all of my pregnancies, so I was hooked up to an IV drip having antibiotics through each labour – this was not in the original birth plan!

When writing your birth plan really focus on what you want – what do you want the atmosphere to be like? Do you want music? Do you want to be able to move around lots? Do you want to have an episiotomy?

These details are important, but know that whatever you put down on paper will not necessarily happen. Your baby knows how it is coming and you pretty much have to go with the flow. This can be a scary thought, but it is a great lesson for life.

All of my Life Coaching experience has taught me that you need to have a clear and detailed plan to achieve your goals, giving yourself smaller milestones and daily action steps. However, the one thing you can’t control is what happens to you in life – you can only control your reaction. You can get knocked down on the first hurdle of your goal. You can react by staying down on the floor, giving up and feeling sorry for yourself or you can learn from it, pick yourself back up and carry on. The best way to control life is to accept and find calm in not being able to control things.

Use this lesson during your labour. Go with the flow, stay calm and breathe. Focus on what you want – a healthy, happy baby in your arms and don’t give up until you have it. Yes, things can go wrong, yes, you may need an episiotomy and stitches when you wrote in your birth plan that you didn’t want this, but when all is said and done – stitches heal and an episiotomy is over and done with in seconds. If it all gets you to your goal of having your healthy, happy baby in your arms then go for it. If you have to change your birth plan then don’t choose to react by struggling against what is happening. Relax and go with the flow as this will be better for you and your baby overall. The more relaxed you are, the easier your labour will be.

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