That’s it!

When you believe in yourself life is great!

Therefore, looking back at the time I’ve had since being a teenage girl to now – the times when things went ‘bad’ were the times I doubted myself and didn’t think I was good enough. As a result, I didn’t believe in myself and I was miserable.

And I have a feeling you’re the same.

You’re scared of failing, scared of letting others down and of not being good enough.

Please stop!

Because you’re amazing just as you are.

So, I’d like to share 3 simple things to do to start believing in yourself:

  • Start a success journal. Write in it each day, making a note of everything you’ve done well that day. It can be big, or small. This acts as a daily reminder to help you realise you’re fab.
  • Look in the mirror and say in your head (or out loud if you’re brave enough) ‘It’s good to be me.’ Repeat every day! This helps you focus on the best bits about you.
  • Do things each day that make you happy. Whether you like singing, dancing, drawing, chatting with your friends, chilling out in front of Netflix – just do it! When you feel happy you feel good from the inside out and you don’t doubt yourself.

Since these are all something you can do NOW – which one will you try first?


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