Happiness and confidence: superpowers to be happy always.

Is this you?

Your son/daughter has been bullied, they’re struggling at school, lacking in confidence, doubt their worth or feel like they’re not good enough. You don’t know what to do to help them.

You’re an adult and have low self esteem, anxiety and a lack of confidence, which developed when you were younger. You don’t know what to do to change.

Or, you work in education and have pupils who aren’t achieving their best. You need support.

Don’t worry. You’re in the right place

I’m Jaelithe and I’ve spent many of my years feeling rubbish about myself. I was the first to put myself down, I had no confidence and blamed myself for everything. I was miserable.

So, I studied life coaching, psychology, mindset, yoga and other forms of fitness, nutrition, NLP and more recently, holistic therapies.

I wanted to know what made people happy, have confidence and self belief.

I saw my kids pick up on my old habits and knew that I needed to help them too.

With what I’ve learned, I can help you and your child feel better about who you are, so that you can achieve your dreams and be happy and confident, for life.

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Find out more about me and my own journey to finding confidence, self belief and happiness.

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But don’t take my word for it…

Here’s what my customers say about me!

Sarah Bone

“We decided to bring Jaelithe in to help the girls be happy. Schools have exam results to achieve, but I didn’t want my pupils making themselves ill with stress to get those results. I wanted to help them deal with the pressure they felt they were under and to show them what  they’re capable of achieving. At the start of the programme I had stressed out, worried pupils and now they know that they can cope with the exams and achieve whatever they want to. We’ve hopefully raised their aspirations and kept them on track.”

Sarah BoneHeadhttp://www.headlandsschool.co.uk/

“I don’t feel angry anymore. I know what I’m good at and I that I deserve to be loved.”

EllaAge 9

“Jaelithe is so supportive, knowledgeable and prepared. Her programme has given me confidence to do what I feel and be proud of how I look. My attitude has changed and so has my outlook on everything.”

SarahHaving a blast in Australia

“I read a lot of articles here and there lately and watched motivational stuff but your words somehow brought a lot of it together! As if the penny dropped.

“I liked the part of you saying to learn from children and ” live in the moment” and turn tasks into a game. Which I sort of forgotten how to do as sometimes unfortunately the stress take over.

“But lately, I’ve made the effort with my little girl and getting ready for school is more of a game and we giggle more and part as friends (without the shouting in a marine coach fashion).

“So I hope it will continue, and that I’ll implement more ways to combat worries and stress even more. Thank you.”

Busy MumHappy Woman reader

“Jaelithe gave me the confidence to believe in myself.”


“You are, without a doubt, the most selfless, giving, down to earth, honest, helpful, enthusiastic, energetic, loving, friendly, hardworking, persistent, good natured, funny person I know. Not to mention, a fabulous mother and excellent example setter, for your kids as well as us.”


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