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Do you wake up and dread to think what you're going to make for your hungry kids?

Does it get to 5 pm each day, you have screaming, starving kids hanging off your ankles and you have no idea what to cook?

I've been there and got the emotional scars to prove it! Ha ha. So, I've created a month's worth of meals - all planned out for you, including easy-to-make and healthy recipes and a shopping list. It'll make enough for a family of five so you can freeze the leftovers too. 

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Mrs Mojo



I know how stressful meal times can be and how you don't have time to plan your meals.

That's why I decided to create a free meal planner just for you, with everything you need to have peace of mind for a month! You can print it out, or view it as a PDF on whatever device you use.

Because I'm a Nutritional Advisor you know you're giving your kids the best too.