Does your son/daughter worry about what others think of them? Do they worry about their grades? Do they need to...


Here's the thing. I get that school is tough. Your child has to make friends, keep friends, study, aim for expected grades and fit in.

At school children learn to be scared. They lose their confidence and worry that they'll let their parents, teachers and themselves down if they don't do well. They learn to become stressed and miserable in the process.

When you're not stressed you focus more. Life is easier. You're happier.

If you're suffering from stress, or you're worried about your child who's suffering from stress.

What can you do?​

Easy! Let me help!​


  • *Learn how to meditate, no matter how little time you have and get meditations to help you stress less 
  • *Find out the key yoga poses you can do to help you relax and focus when you need to
  • *Discover the visualisation techniques used by top athletes to help you get the results you want
  • *Work out what exercise helps you chill out and learn how to squeeze it into your day
  • *See what fun chill out activities you can try to help you stay relaxed
  • *Find out how your favourite superhero can help you move from stressed to confident in an instant
  • *Get the lowdown on EFT, affirmations and afformations and how they can help you
  • *Discover how your thoughts can affect your behaviour and the new thoughts you need to be thinking
  • *Learn what food and drink is adding to your stress!
  • *See how the golden thread breath can help you deal with stress
  • *Make mindfulness work for you

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So, how does it work?

I'll send you an email once a week for 11 weeks. That email will either have a blog post to read, a video to watch, or a few key things to try to be less stressed.

Don't panic though, each blog post, video or things to try will be quick and easy to do. 

You'll get access to my private Facebook group where you can ask any questions AND you'll get special access to this website where I can post meditations, expert interviews and anything else you might need to keep you calm.

I'll be your coach letting you know that you can do this and you can stay calm. No more meltdowns needed!

At the end of the 11 weeks you should know exactly what you and your son/daughter need to do to stay calm. You'll know what works for you.​

Who's it for?

Anyone who's feeling stressed! Teachers, parents and kids will all benefit. Each module is easy to understand so can work well for those aged 8 and up. 

If you buy then change your mind, that's fine too. You have 30 days to ask for a full refund.

Got some questions? That's fine. Please get in touch. The course is best suited for children aged 8 and up. You'll need to discuss what's in the email with them, but it's all in an easy-to-understand format. If you don't feel that it's right then you'll get a refund.

If you're about to sit exams then my 'Get Confident and Calm for Exams' may help too.

Who am I?

I’m someone who cares.

I’m a Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Nutritional Advisor and Author, so I know a thing or two about wellbeing and feeling good. I love helping teenagers realise it’s good to be you, by teaching you what I know about confidence, positive thinking, self esteem, health and happiness.

I've had lots of so-called 'stressful' times in my life - being told I'd end up in a wheelchair, losing an Auntie who was like a second mum to me, going through a breast cancer scare, moving house twice in the space of nine months, as well as exam stress! I know how to get through these times and would love to help you too.