Stop stressing out for your exams!

Exams are stressful. You know it and now your son/daughter knows it.

You're trying to help them, but they're still doubting themselves and buckling under the pressure.

They don't have time to do anything other than revise and even then, they're probably not taking it all in because of the stress.

You want to help them. Here's how:

Buy my 'stop stressing out for your exams' bundle for just £19.99 and you'll get:

* 3 short meditations to help your son/daughter feel calm, confident and focused throughout their revision and when sitting the exams​. They'll help you get through this too.

* A guided visualisation to help them focus on the results they want, instead of worrying about failing.​

* A PDF of a weekly planner to print out. This will help them prioritise what they need to revise and when they can do it. A great time planning tool to help them stay organised, in control and less overwhelmed.

My top revision tips and 'go to' stress busting techniques that they can print out and put above their place of study.

* A video to watch that explains what stress is, why we have it and how to deal with stress - focusing on the best techniques that have worked for me and my clients.

* Examples of yoga poses to try when they want to be calm and focused.​

* A 'Mrs Mojo' success journal so they can keep track of their goals, their successes and what they're grateful for. Plus helpful emails from me. An amazing tool to stay motivated, hopeful and on track in the lead up to the exams, but also a great thing to have as they wait for the results as it'll help them see their worth, no matter what grades they get.


Extra Info

This bundle can help kids from age 10 and up. It even works for adults!

The guided meditations and visualisation are recorded as MP3s so they can be downloaded and listened to whenever and wherever your son/daughter likes. They're short (generally no more than five minutes) and are provided with and without music so they have a choice as to what they like best. 

The PDFs don't have to be printed out. If your printer keeps on breaking, or you want to help the environment then they can be downloaded and viewed on phones, computers and laptops. You'll get an editable version of the weekly planner so that your son/daughter can type their 'to dos' each week.

The video on stress discusses the key techniques I've used over the years to help me with my studies - 12 GCSEs, 3 A-levels, a BA Honours degree, Postgraduate Diploma and for my exams in Life Coaching, Fitness, Nutrition, Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming! The techniques have also helped me on a personal level - overcoming the death of my Auntie, being told I'd end up in a wheelchair and running my business as a mum of three young kids.

The success journal is an editable PDF, so it can be filled in using most mobile devices and laptops. I've had many journals and notebooks over the years and know what works to make them fab. I'll send you an email explaining ways to use it, questions and topics to journal about and a few reminders to help your son/daughter get the best out of it - even after their exams are over.

If you buy the 'stop stressing out for your exams' bundle and you don't like it, then you can get a full refund. You've got 14 days to see what you think.