I love my work with kids and teenagers. Here's why.

The women I've coached over the last ten years have all had something that's stopped them from living up to their true potential.

That something came from their childhood. Something was said to them, or something happened to them at school and it stuck. It made them doubt their abilities, have low self esteem and a lack of confidence. They felt worthless and held themselves back from then on.

Then, as a mum I sent my happy, confident kids off to school and they came back different. They started to doubt themselves. My eldest even said he was 'useless' and didn't deserve to be happy.  He is seven.

I wondered why this happened and what I could do about it. 

I loved teaching yoga and meditation to children in schools and nurseries and got great feedback - within weeks the children improved their concentration and focus, they became more aware of their feelings and they were happy.

So, for the last year I've been pulling together my skills and expertise in coaching, NLP, nutrition and fitness to help kids and teenagers.

If you're a teenager who:

  • ​Isn't happy being you
  • Wants to change how you look
  • Feels useless and worthless
  • Wants to feel loved
  • Is worried about your school work and exams
  • Has anxious, depressive thoughts from time to time
  • Worries about what others think of you

I'd love to help. Here's how.


My first option is my fun books. These can be done at home or at school. 

The Happy Teenager: Fun Book

You will learn about:

  • Emotions and positive thinking, so you can calm yourself down when needed, get over your fears and pick yourself back up from any knock back.
  • Relationships, so you can make good choices and build a strong, supportive network of friends.
  • Personal development, so you can appreciate the benefits of working smart at school and on yourself.
  • The power of your thoughts and what motivates you, so you can achieve your goals and true potential. 
  • ​Confidence and what makes you special
  • Managing stress and your workload, so you can stay calm at exam time
  • Self care tools to keep you on track, including meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Coaching is offered 1:1 for teenagers either over email, over the phone, or online.  You choose how you want to chat! This is where I work one-to-one WITH YOU on the key issues you're facing. You'll learn about the power of your thoughts and beliefs and how to make them work for you. You'll learn how to get over what's been holding you back. How to set goals, then achieve them. ​And most importantly - how to have confidence in yourself, so you can look in the mirror and love who you see. You'll know it's good to be you.


I've got meditations to help you be calm, confident, happy and feel like you've got more time. They're perfect for kids, teenagers and adults! Find out more here.

I've got a bundle to help you 'stop stressing out for your exams'​ - ideal if you need more confidence, focus and help to get rid of the stress.

I also have a FREE 'Exam Stress Survival Kit' fab for students and teachers!



All of the above products can be taught in schools. I have digital copies of 'The Happy Teenager: Fun Book' and can offer coaching yoga, meditation and wellbeing sessions for kids aged 3 up to 18.

I have also developed a great coaching course that helps your pupils feel good about who they are so they can be more focused, confident, resilient and ambitious.

The course can be tailored to what you need - one day workshops, one-to-one coaching, motivational talks, groups coaching, meditation and yoga sessions - or a mixture of all of them!

You tell me what the children need and I'll deliver a course for them, tailored to everyone's needs.

This can be all online if your school has the facilities, or it can be a mixture of online teaching with workbooks, or online teaching, with workbooks and personal group coaching if you're in the Yorkshire area. 

So, how can I help your pupils?​

As a teacher you know that some children have the potential to achieve better results, but they're holding themselves back due to their self belief and lack of confidence. You want the best for them and so do I. 

Positive thinking, self belief and confidence are key. I can teach  your pupils how they can manage their thoughts, beliefs and emotions in a fun, inspiring way. They'll develop strategies to motivate themselves, mindfulness techniques to stay calm, focused and positive and they'll uncover their values to unleash their confidence and self belief.

Self care and appreciation also have a part to play. I can help with that too - as a Nutritional Advisor and Fitness Coach I can teach your pupils the truth about healthy living so they can choose what works for them. ​


If you'd like more information or have any questions, let's talk. Just drop me an email and I'll be in touch. 

Mrs Mojo

​I'm Jaelithe Leigh-Brown, a busy mum to three kids - Koen, Torin and Eden. I used to be a journalist, reading the news on the radio and quickly realised I wanted to help people, instead of report on their misery. I studied psychology, trained to be a Life Coach, became a Fitness Coach and then, after having Eden, became a Nutritional Advisor and Author - writing a book on my smart phone during the night feeds. I then launched www.mrsmojo.co.uk to help you know 'it's good to be you'. Why? Because I've doubted myself, felt rubbish about how I looked and felt like the worst person in the world. My kids picked up on it and we were all miserable. I want to teach you what you need to know to feel that little bit better. I want to make you feel better every day, so you can enjoy your life and be proud of who you are.