Help for teenagers

My story

My self esteem took its first big hit when I was a teenager, although I didn't realise it until I was in my twenties.

I did well at school, but the pressure I put on myself to achieve has stayed with me. My need to be loved, accepted and to feel beautiful developed as a teenager because I was cheated on so many times. I let others determine how good I felt about me.

In fact, all of the women I've coached have had an issue with their self esteem and confidence and it started when they were a teenager. 

Appreciate how good it is to be you. Get this right and #happiness and #confidence will follow. #mrsmojo

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Your story

I want you to know you're not alone. It's normal to doubt yourself and wish you were different.

There's so much pressure on you to look a certain way. You need to achieve amazing grades. You need to deal with hurtful comments. You need to find out who you are. You just want to have friends who appreciate you. You just want to hide away from the pressure and I don't blame you!

My work with teenagers is just starting, but my lessons are the same for you, no matter how old you are, or what sex you are.

You are enough. It's good to be you.

I can help you learn about the power of thoughts, self esteem, confidence and health in a way that suits you.

Have a look at what I do and see if I can help.


If you just need a bit of a boost then you can try my kick-start courses, which are short videos to watch online, followed by a few questions for you to answer. That's it.  They're on a range of topics including self esteem and confidence.

If you'd like to have coaching from me in a group of other supportive teenagers, then try my monthly pick-me-ups. We'll have a chat online each month about the things that are really getting you down. You'll find out what you need to do to feel better. 

If you want some 1:1 coaching where I work with you and just you every fortnight, then that's great ​too. We can do it by email, telephone or online chats.


If you like to read a good book, then my 'Happy Teenager: Fun Book' is for you.

It's full of fun exercises, colouring, stickers and lessons all focused on helping you feel good. You'll get to know how to find more time to keep on top of school work and do things you enjoy.

You'll learn how to be confident being you.

You'll learn about real friendships and relationships that build you up.

You'll learn what to do when you don't feel good.

You can get my latest book for women of all ages too. 'The Happy Woman: What You Can Learn from Kids, Dogs and Men' is full of my lessons in happiness, no matter what's going on in your life.


If you have a group of friends who could all do with my help, then I can work with your school to help you all together.

I can design a course just for you. Just ask your teachers to get in touch.​

You can also read my blog to get FREE advice

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