When I was a teenager I sobbed my heart out in my bedroom one night, crying for someone to love me for being me. I felt worthless, fat, ugly and I had no confidence. Boyfriends cheated on me and, despite knowing I deserved better I'd hit rock bottom and didn't know what to do.

From then on, I became fascinated with personal development.

Today I love who I am and I'm married to someone who loves me for being me. I've had lots of tough times, but I know what to do to get over them. I know what to do to believe in myself and go for what I want - no matter what anyone else tells me!

I've spent the last few months working with teenage girls in school and realise that things are much worse. They're feeling pressure to look perfect, to achieve the new grade 9s in their GCSEs and their lives are constantly judged on social media. Some of them have told me they're already on anti-depressants, some are binge eating and others just want to give up! The pressure is too much and they're doubting their self worth. They're worried they're going to let everyone down, they already feel like a failure and they don't like who they are. It's heartbreaking. 

I want to help.

The exercises I do to be happy and confident are in 'The Happy Teenager: Fun Book.' I've included everything I've been teaching teenage girls in schools and what I want my daughter to know when she's a teenager. I've written it to help even more teenage girls appreciate how wonderful they are.  I wish I'd had it when I was that age. 

What really gets me, is that what I've found firsthand is normal. 7 out of 10 teenage girls doubt themselves and feel like they're not good enough. If you're a mum of a teenage girl, or if you teach them, then I bet you see this too.

If you've got a teenage daughter who could do with a dose of confidence and self esteem then  I'd love to help. 

I've created 'The Happy Teenager: Fun Book' to help teenage girls realise their worth!

I know you'll probably tell your daughter how great they are, but they need to discover that for themselves. The motivational quick reads, fun exercises and *stickers can help give them a boost to set big dreams and go for them! It may even inspire and help you.

'The Happy Teenager: Fun Book' is in four main parts:

Everything in the book is based on my expertise to help your daughter feel good about who they are.

Oh, and they'll get access to a special part of my website where I hold my fun video training AND a group Q and A call online. That way I can check they're doing OK.

Order now!

You can buy the PDF verison at a REDUCED cost:

Only £13.99.​ Get it now!

Please bear in mind you'll either have to print the PDF version out yourself (especially the stickers and the colouring in), fill in the details online (I've made it editable), or jot your answers down in a notebook.

The printed version is available on Amazon for £27.99. Click here to buy the printed version. 

Oh, and if you're not a teenager any more and would like this book, then I've got a version for women and children too!

"I would love it if Jaelithe could bottle or package her life force for others to draw on. She is a woman on a mission and someone who really can change your life." Amanda

Who am I and how can I help?

 I'm Jaelithe Leigh-Brown, a busy mum to three kids - Koen, Torin and Eden. I used to be a journalist, reading the news on the radio and quickly realised I wanted to help people, instead of report on their misery. I studied psychology, trained to be a Life Coach, became a Fitness Coach and then, after having Eden, became a Nutritional Advisor and Author - writing a book on my smart phone during the night feeds. I then launched www.mrsmojo.co.uk to help teenage girls know 'it's good to be you'. Why? Because I've doubted myself, felt rubbish about how I looked and felt like the worst person in the world. My kids picked up on it and we were all miserable. I want to teach you what you need to know to feel that little bit better. Too many women like you put themselves down. That's got to stop. I want to make you feel better every day, so you can enjoy your life and be proud of who you are.

Important stuff

If you order the PDF version of the 'Happy Teenager: Fun Book' you'll get that straight away. Yay!​ You can fill it in using your phone - you'll need a PDF app for that, but you can get fillable PDF apps for free. I've designed four pages of stickers, but since this is a digital version of the book, you'll have to print the sticker pages out on sticker paper yourself. 

If for any reason you change your mind you can receive a full refund. You've got 14 days to see if you're happy.

The Q and A call and online training will be accessed through a special part of this website.You'll get the support for one month. You'll be notified by email when the call and training are available.

This book can work well for boys too. ​ 

|If you have​ any questions please get in touch. I'm always happy to help.