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We all have the same 24 hours in day, but some people breeze through the day staying calm and happy. Others run around like a headless chicken, stressing about how much they have to do.

Which one are you? Which one do you want to be?

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You'll learn:

How to value your time so you can easily focus on what's important to you

How to manage your 'to do' list so you're calm and in control of your time

How to set goals to guide you through your tasks and the demands on your time

An alternative way of looking at time so you know you always have time on your hands!

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Mrs Mojo



I had three kids in the space of four years and ran my own business in that time, as well as being a PR consultant.

I was juggling as much as I could and used the techniques in this book to stay calm and meet all of my deadlines and demands. Before my kids I was a journalist and read the news on the radio - meeting hectic half-hourly deadlines. 

I know how many demands you have on your time. Life can get on top of you and if you don't manage your time, then your confidence, self esteem and your health suffer.

Get started on your journey today with my 'Get More Time'​ PDF. It's designed as a quick and easy read that can make a big difference.