How the VIP Bootcamps and Kick-Starts Work

I bet some of you are wondering what’s the difference between the VIP Bootcamps and Kick-starts?

First up, I mainly run courses online so that you can complete them wherever you are. However, I’m looking into running the Fabulously Fit VIP course as a retreat. It’s good to get you away from your normal routine and give you the time to focus.

But – let’s get back to the online stuff.

If you’re looking for just a little bit of help, or you want to have a taster session with me, without spending lots, then the kick-start is for you. It’s a short video to watch, along with coaching questions for you to answer in your own time. You’ll be sent the details to log on to this site and that’s where you access the video and questions. You’ll need around 20 minutes to do each kick-start. That’s it. 


The kick-starts cost just £3.99 and are made up of a short interview with an expert in the field and powerful coaching  questions set by me. Watch the video, then answer the questions and hey presto – you’ll have some clarity and focus.  You’ll have access to my private Facebook group so you can get support from others just like you.

The kick starts are meant to be the starting point of your journey. 

You may know that you want to make a change with something, but aren’t sure what to do next. The kick-starts get you thinking.

If you really like the kick-starts you can go for a pick ‘n’ mix option. Choose 5 kick-starts for £19.99 or 12 kick-starts for £45.99.


The Fabulously Fit VIP Bootcamp – online

The Fabulously Fit VIP Bootcamp will teach you to be healthy, happy and confident with who you are. It’s the whole shebang!

Forget going on yet another diet, spending hours at the gym or meditating for hours on end.

You’ll find out everything I know about being happy, healthy and confident. Then you’ll get to apply it to work for you. 

My wish for you

I want you to be able to learn everything you need to know about food and what you should be eating. There’s so much bad information out there that is keeping you tired, overweight and irritable.

How great will it be if you can learn to love exercise for what it can do to your body? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you stop putting pressure on yourself to change your size and lose weight?

And the biggie

Imagine being able to be happy most of the time. No-one is happy all of the time! But, for most of your days you’ll wake up happy. You’ll be able to pick yourself up quickly from the things that are getting you down, or from the negative comments or experiences you’ve just had. 

Then there’s the confidence wish

How amazing will it be to appreciate you for being you, by loving your body? You’ll be able to look in the mirror and love who you see. Yeah!

Imagine what your life would be like if you know it’s good to be you. No more beating yourself up mentally because you feel like you’re not good enough. You’ll be able to achieve anything you want to.


Let’s just look at the Fabulously Fit Bootcamp more closely.

You can take a sneak peek at the modules for the mums version here.  I’m currently working on the version for teenagers. It’s really exciting.

For both versions

There’s a short introductory group of modules which are there to explain what you’ll get out of the Fabulously Fit Bootcamp and how it all works. Easy peasy.

The modules

In the first week you’ll look at the Life Coaching techniques I have used to turn my life around and the lives of others. You’ll look at setting goals, milestones, actions steps to get you started and then you’ll examine the beliefs you have that may be holding you back.

This means that you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to set any goal in your life and achieve it.

You’ll know how to overcome the hurdles that life throws at you, so that you can enjoy the ride and become the best you that you want to be.

In the second week you’ll look at exercise.

For the mums we’ll look at how to do it with your kids around (if you have them – for the lovely teenagers reading this it’s all about how to exercise when you don’t have the time), how much to do, when to do it, the equipment you need, the types of exercises to try, what to do to stay challenged and how to stay motivated.

You’ll also get access to my ‘Make it Count’ workouts as well as a workout to do when doing your chores if you really don’t have the time. This will enable you to find an exercise you love to do, find the time to do it and know what you need to do to look after your body so that you can give your body the best chance to live as long as you want to!


Next we’ll look at food.

What to eat, when to eat, what hidden nasties are in our food that are killing us and keeping us fat, the truth about diets, healthy easy recipes and the NLP trick to stop eating the foods that you just can’t stop thinking about.

You’ll change the way you think about food and will stop eating the foods that are keeping you in the body you don’t want to be in.

You’ll have more energy, better skin and will sleep better and again you’ll add years to your life.

Learning to love your body and feeling confident in your own skin is the next step.

You’ll learn about the pleasure and pain principle, how to stay motivated, the power of affirmations, the mirror technique, how to live like a Goddess and how to dress to suit your shape and style.

You’ll feel more confident, more beautiful, happier with who you are and life will start to be good to you again.

Then you’ll look at having a healthy mind, looking at stress and how to deal with it, how to enjoy your time and the power of meditation.

You’ll be calmer, happier and more in control.

You’ll learn to live in the moment and will be happier with who you are as a person.

 The VIP Bootcamps cost £1013.99


Fabulously Fit VIP Bootcamp – Retreat

In the retreat you’ll get to cover everything you would in the online course, but in a lovely setting away from your home. You’ll have access to me on a more personal level as I teach you face-to-face. (Don’t be scared!)

Mums and teenagers can go the retreats. It really depends on the customers I have at any given time. I can run separate courses for teenagers and mums. Or mums and teenagers can come together and use this as a chance to bond.


You’re the same

The issues we go over are really the same for teenagers and mums.

If you’re a teenager, you don’t need to come with your mum – you just need permission to be there by yourself.

I haven’t booked anywhere yet for the 2017 retreat, so if you’re interested just drop me an email and I’ll add you to the list.

Questions about my Books

Hopefully the books should be self-explanatory!

‘The Happy Woman: What You Can Learn from Kids, Dogs and Men’ will soon be available in most book shops and on Amazon.

learn from kids, dogs and men caps side view

It’s a book of two-halves. In the first half you’ll learn what makes kids, dogs and men happy. I’ll give you my real-life examples as to how I’ve made my own life happier from these lessons – no matter what has happened.

The second half is the key life coaching techniques I use and I’ve used with my clients to set great goals and go for what you want.

The aim is to get you thinking about what you need to do to be happier and give you lots of examples as to what will help.

Even though I talk about kids, you don’t need to have kids to benefit from this book. It’s pretty much what I’ve learned and what you can apply to your life to be happy. It’s a book for women of all ages. I really hope you get a lot out of it. 

Fun Books

The Fun Books are workbooks that have the same aim – helping you be happier!

I’m busy working on these, but hope to have one out for kids, teenagers and women. I told you I don’t sleep much!

kids fun book

They’re full of fun exercises and activities to do.

You’ll learn how to be happy being you, how to be confident and how to find time to do the things you enjoy doing.

The kids ones are the same, but with a focus on helping them through the difficulties of school, such as coping with all the homework and making friends.

The teenage ones focus on confidence, self esteem and getting through the pressures of school.

Once they’re ready, you’ll be able to buy them in most bookstores and online too.

School courses

The school courses I run are designed by you and your teachers. Teachers  – you know what you and your pupils need, so let me know and together we’ll develop a course that suits you.

It could be a mix of my online courses, my workbooks, one-to-one coaching or group coaching.

If you’re in the Yorkshire area I can also throw my kids’ yoga classes into the mix too!


Ideas for you

For example, you might just want to give your primary school kids an awareness of health and wellbeing. I could teach them a fun yoga class and talk about what healthy eating is, plus give you meditations to do in class.

Your secondary school pupils may need a massive boost in confidence. If you have computer facilities, I could devise a series of ten minute videos for them to watch to get them thinking about the power of their thoughts. They could be given worksheets with activities for them to boost their confidence, along with a group challenge. I could come into school to give them some motivational talks, then run a series of group coaching.


Or, you may have a group of pupils who really just need to get focused. You know they have the potential, but for some reason they’re holding themselves back. I could offer group coaching in person, or online. Or, I could give them my workbooks and bespoke activities to do – including some fab yoga poses – all aimed at getting them focused and reaching their potential.

Just get in touch and we’ll work out what you need and how I can help.


You’ve probably heard of coaching, but may not be sure of how it works.

That’s fine.

You choose how it works for you

Basically, I can work with you by email, in a group over the Internet, or one-to-one over the phone/Internet on the issues that are making you miserable. 

In the group settings we’ll work on an issue that the majority have that month and we’ll look at what the problem is, what you can do about it and what steps you can take to overcome it. It’s not about me saying ‘do this’ or ‘do that’.

I’m not a counsellor, so we don’t spend ages looking at your past.

I look at what’s happened in your past, but we focus on what YOU can do NOW to make changes.

Then, I’m like a cheerleader cheering you on and I pick you up when you get off track.


For the one-to-one coaching I normally follow a 13-session format, but it’s totally flexible. You know what you need and when you’re done.

The topics

We look at goal setting, how to set milestones and action steps, beliefs and positive thinking, your values, the checklists you’ve set yourself in life, the questions you’re asking yourself, how to overcome setbacks, the model of change and how to celebrate success.


This is all applied to your life and your own unique situation. Even in the group settings, you still get time to focus on you.

If you’re interested in coaching, then please just get in touch, or have a look to find a package that suits you.

How does it work?

The VIP Bootcamps generally last a year. You only need to devote ten to twenty minutes of your time at any one point, so it’s easy to do it in small manageable chunks. I’m working on the retreats at the moment. They’ll either be over a weekend, or a week – depending on what you want.

The kick-starts last as long as you need them to as they are there for you to complete in your own time. You should need no more than twenty minutes to do one.

When you sign up to a course, no matter which package you go for, you will be taken to PayPal to pay. You’ll then receive an email with your login details and the website link you need to click on.

What do I have to do?

All of the courses on offer work best if you are motivated to work hard and achieve your goal. I will encourage you, motivate you and inspire you every step of the way, but it is down to you to stay committed and do your best.

How much does it cost?

£3.50 kick-start

£9.99 5 kick-starts

£35.99 12 kick-starts

£1013 live VIP Bootcamp course

What will I achieve?

Whatever you put into it!

I have a wealth of experience helping women like you achieve their goals, so working together we can get rid of the stress and guilt you are feeling and get you the quality time back you deserve. The lessons you learn can be used for the rest of your life.

Do I need to be good with computers?

No. Any audio and video included in the courses on offer just needs to be played or paused. You can print out and fill in each booklet to keep at home. But I do have editable PDFs if you prefer that. The questions you need to answer as part of your modules are online. All you have to do is answer them on paper, or think of the answer in your head.

If you do have any technical issues then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

What happens if I don’t complete the course I buy within the specified time?

You just take a little longer to achieve your goal, which is fine.

Life has a way of throwing us a few hurdles, but don’t worry, you’ll learn how to pick yourself back up again and get back on track.

You’ll also have access to your course for life so you can keep on going back to it as many times as you like.

How long can I access the information for?

For life.

Will you be checking up on me?

For the VIP Bootcamp I keep an eye on how you are progressing. I hold a weekly coaching call and Q and A call based upon what I find and what you need.

Don’t be scared – I won’t challenge you unless I really need to – I will be checking up on you to keep you motivated and help in any way I can.

How safe are my personal details?

They are completely safe. I will never pass on your details to a third party. If I wish to use any of your comments as feedback I’ll ask for your permission first.

How is this different to buying a book/joining a class etc?

Books and classes are great, but if you’re considering joining the VIP Bootcamp then the books must not have worked for you so far, or you may need a little extra bit of a push.

Lots of my customers had a bookshelf full of amazing books when they came to me, but found they needed the support of a coach to be motivated to take action and just knowing they had someone to answer to at the end of each session kept them on track.

Classes are very effective, but your teacher doesn’t check up on you if you miss a few and then don’t bother coming back.

With all of the courses on offer I ask what you’re doing and check on you to see if you’re stuck. If you’re not taking action I want to know why and together we’ll work on it.

Why should I work with you?

I’ve been in your situation and have learned everything you need to, to get out of it.

I also know how crap you may feel about yourself and I want you to stop that now. You need to feel great and know that you’re amazing. I have a passion to help you realise how wonderful you are.

I’ve got a wealth of expertise within the coaching and fitness industry, so I know what I’m talking about. I never lie – I give you the truth and we work on fitting the truth into your life for you.

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