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mrs mojoI’m on a mission to help you know it’s good to be you.

Because I’ve been every size between an 8 and 16, I’ve had so many ‘put downs’ over the years, I’ve been to my rock bottom and I know how to pick myself up. I feel good being me and I want you to know what that confidence and happiness feels like.

What else do you want to know about me?

I’ve got bags of confidence and always see the positives in life.

Since having my three kids I haven’t slept much, but still love to stay up late working.

My naughty treats are shoes, anything with Wonder Woman on it, dark chocolate, red wine and prosecco.

I adore exercising, especially dancing, yoga and walking. I love music of all kinds. I love meditating and have got a fascination with angels!

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My ‘Miss World’ speech

I’d love to see a world full of people who believe in themselves, feel great in their own skin and love themselves.

For the last ten years I’ve been helping mums feel better about themselves. Now I’m working with teenage girls too.

Believe it or not, the issues grown women have are the same ones teenage girls have.

There’s a strong link too between mothers and daughters because each mirrors the other.

What this means is if you feel your daughter needs a self esteem boost then you probably do too. If you feel your mum never listens to you, then you probably need to listen to her better too. So that’s why this website is for teenagers, but mums can get help from it too. My blog will sometimes mention mums and kids and that’s the reason for it.

me and the kids

It gets me really down when I think about how much potential women have and how they’re holding themselves back.

I’ve done it for years and it didn’t do anyone any favours.

It also gets me so mad when a woman is taught to appreciate who they are based on what dress size they wear – especially since most of the diet and fitness information out there is geared up for keeping you unhealthy!

So, I’m doing what I can to fix this.



I’m a Happiness Coach for women of all ages.

I’ve been helping women gain confidence, self-esteem and true worth since 2006.

I trained as a Life Coach because I loved helping people, REPs Fitness Professional because I wanted to show that fitness can be fun and I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Psychology because I was fascinated by how the mind works. More recently, I became a Nutritional Advisor because I realised how much food can impact on all areas of our life.

My experience

I love writing and started to write on my phone during Eden’s night feeds. I’d bought too many shoes and needed a break from Facebook so needed something else to do to keep me awake. Wouldn’t you know it, the chapter was picked up by an editor in America and I became an International co-author.


In my previous work I was a Broadcast Journalist, News Editor and Radio Presenter. It was great fun, but didn’t pay the bills and I didn’t like the fact you were being trained to get excited when bad things happened. I also worked in PR.

This experience all gave me the chance to talk and listen to people from all walks of life, from the homeless to the UK’s Prime Minister. I have a passion for finding out what makes people tick and identifying how I can help them live the life they want.

I have first-hand experience of taking the plunge, turning my life around and living my dreams.

Originally from County Durham in the North East of England, I moved to Scotland with my husband Dan in 2006. We have two sons called Koen and Torin and a daughter called Eden. We’re now living a happy, life in North Yorkshire.


Want to work with me?

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