My 11 commandments for happiness

Warning: read this and you could be happy

Looking back at the tough times in my life, I’ve realised that the same things have picked me up over and over. They’re like my ‘go to’ for happiness.

When I began writing ‘The Happy Woman: What You Can Learn from Kids, Dogs and Men’ I wanted a quick chapter that you could look at, to be reminded of the things to do to be happy.

learn from kids, dogs and men caps side view

That’s how my 11 commandments for happiness came about.

They’re written tongue-in-cheek and for those of you who are religious, please don’t take offence!

They just work well as commandments as I truly believe we’re meant to live life, love life and be happy.

I’ve got no idea who decided that life needs to be hard. It doesn’t. I reckon the belief that life needs to be blood, sweat and tears has been passed on from the previous generations who faced war and poverty.

Times have changed.

We have so much to be grateful for and happy about. The power to be happy is really well and truly in your hands.

So, I created this lovely image for you to soak up my 11 commandments for happiness.

11-commandments-1 11-commandments-2




















If you like, you can download it as a PDF as a BIG reminder. 11-commandments-for-happiness.pdf (178 downloads)


Your happiness is that important.


Oh – and I created a video detailing the 11 commandments for happiness too. Just because making people happy AND being creative makes me happy.

Hopefully the video helps the lessons really sink in.



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