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Hi, I'm Jaelithe. Thanks so much for being here.

I help you know it's good to be you.

For more than a decade I've coached women to help them have more confidence and self esteem, so they can go for their dreams and actually like who they are.

I realised that their lack of self worth and low self esteem was because of something that happened to them at school. It was my teenage years that knocked my confidence.

Then, as a mum, I felt like I'd lost my identity all over again and soon realised how much more anxious and worried my kids were - their issues were a mirror of mine. My 7 year old was bullied and he cried for a 'happy life'.

I bet it's the same for your son/daughter.

There are pressures of getting good grades at school, finding and keeping friends who build them up instead of pulling them down and looking a certain way.

Kids and teenagers today feel like they're not good enough and it's stopping them from achieving great things.

I can't change the education system (yet), but I can help kids and teenagers learn how to have confidence, deal with pressure and appreciate how good it is to be them. 

All of my products and free stuff have been made to help kids and teenagers (and their parents) feel great.

Everything I do is designed to help your kids get over the key issues they face growing up and know that it's good to be them.

This website is for parents, teachers, teenagers and kids. It's a safe place for you to come and get help and honest advice to deal with the pressures life can throw at you.

My goal is for you to realise 'it's good to be you.'

You are, without a doubt, the most selfless, giving, down-to-earth, honest, helpful, enthusiastic, energetic, loving, friendly, hardworking, persistent, good natured, funny person I know. Not to mention, a fabulous mother and excellent example setter, for your kids as well as us.

Lauren - teacher and mum of three

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Jaelithe is a woman on a mission and someone who can really change your life."

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